Ozone is an oxidizing agent used in many industrial and consumer applications. In drinking water, ozone is used for manganese removal by forming a precipitate that can be filtered out in the purification process. Additional organic matter present in drinking water responsible for producing odor and color can also be removed by ozone. Ozone also acts as a germicide and is used to manufacture pharmaceuticals, as a deodorizer, and as a bleaching agent.

Ozone can be measured photometrically with reagents. Photometric analysis is based on the Beer-Lambert principle of absorbance in which the intensity of the color produced is proportional to the concentration of ozone in the sample. Photometric analysis products include benchtop photometers, spectrophotometers, and chemical test kits.

Benchtop Photometers

Benchtop photometers include multiparameter versions for water quality, wastewater and swimming pools. Each photometer is customized to have the parameters used by a specific industry. All benchtops have a digital pH electrode input allowing it to be used as a traditional pH meter.


Reagents include the reagents used with the photometers and chemical test kit. Also included is the glycine reagent to remove the positive interference from chlorine when it is present in the sample.


Accessories include cuvette cleaning solution, microfiber cloths, and replacement cuvettes and caps for photometers.