Hydrazine is a liquid chemical used in high pressure heating plants for its properties as an oxygen inhibitor, helping to avoid scaling and corrosion. Hydrazine reacts with dissolved oxygen to yield nitrogen and water. This is an advantage over sulfite treatment because it does not produce any dissolved solids in the boiled water. Hydrazine is also used as an energy source in fuel elements, as a reducing agent for metal recovery, and as an intermediate in the production of insecticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and many other chemical products.

Hanna Instruments offers a variety of technologies to measure hydrazine. Spectrophotometers and benchtop photometers can measure a wide variety of other water quality parameters that are important for boiler maintenance. A portable photometer dedicated to the measurement of hydrazine is also available.


Solutions for hydrazine measurement include the CAL Check standards for verifying and, if needed, the calibration of our portable photometers. Each CAL Check standard is supplied with a Certificate of Analysis stating the accuracy and traceability of the standard.


Accessories include spare cuvettes and caps for photometers.

Benchtop Photometers

Benchtop photometers include multiparameter versions for the laboratory and one with parameters specific to boiler and cooling tower water treatment. All benchtops have a digital pH electrode input allowing it to be used as a traditional pH meter.